Genetic disorders of Glucose & Insulin Homeostasis

For Genetic disorders of glucose and insulin homeostasis 3 subthematic groups are defined

  • · Insulin- resistance pattern,
  •  Hyperinsulinism and other forms of hypoglycemia
  • · Rare diabetes mellitus

All guidelines for diseases of insulin and glucose homeostasis recommend education in glucose monitoring, diet and pharmacologic treatment with insulin and/ or other drug during pediatric long- term care. The purpose of our network is to give ultramodern, substantiation- grounded care through a multidisciplinary approach to children and adolescents suffering from a rare form of diabetes, hyperinsulinism or lipodystrophy. These include cases with an exceptional cause of diabetes(e.g. insulin- receptor mutations), cases with oppressively unstable and/ or delicate to treat diabetes(e.g. neonatal diabetes), cases with uncommon comorbidities(e.g. WABB runs).

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